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Stories from Holly Creek Dogwood Days Small-town heroes and big-town hearts. When Jefferson Lee Davis leaves his life in the big city to return to the small Southern town of Holly Creek, his natural charm soon has the residents eating out of his hand. Jefferson Lee steps up to help with Holly Creek´s biggest festival, Dogwood Days, which puts him directly in the path of the town´s hunky sheriff, Zane Yarbrough. Quirky neighbors, meddling family, and a sassy best friend make Jefferson Lee´s life a full-time adventure, and he warms to the idea of making a home in Holly Creek - a life that might include Zane. But as the summer Rose Festival looms around the corner and more small-town secrets come to light, Jefferson Lee and Zane must take a long look at their blossoming romance. If they´re going to make it as a couple, they ll have to work through their trust issues and believe that the relationship they´re building can weather any storm that blows their way. Spring Fever Jefferson Lee Davis, Holly Creek´s new director of publicity, is gearing up for the next big town event, the summer Rose Festival. The job is running smoothly, but the course of true love has hit a rocky patch. His hunky boyfriend, Sheriff Zane Yarbrough, is receiving mysterious phone calls he doesn´t want to discuss. While Jefferson Lee is blindsided by jealousy, the second shoe drops with the appearance of a handsome stranger in the small, tight-knit community. Needing answers, Jefferson Lee enlists his best gal pal, Clover Crofton, to help find out what secrets Zane is hiding. When they land themselves in more trouble than Jefferson Lee bargained for, he and Zane face the first big test of their relationship. Zane and Jefferson Lee must work through their trust issues if they´re going to make it as a couple, and Clover may just have a thing or two to learn herself. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matt Armstrong. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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