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The Desert Cure and other gay short stories
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The Desert Cure Alex took Connor into the desert to cure his drug addiction. Connor got lost, was found, survived withdrawal and got to enjoy the desert. Haydens Revenge When a gang killed Grant, they didnt expected trouble from his gentle lover, Hayden. They were wrong. Hayden took his revenge and one by one they died. On Hampstead Heath Five men sheltering from a storm start talking about their activities. When the storm ends, one of them gets what he wants. Adam in Love Eton boy Adam discusses Vic, his new love, with his snobbish mother and manages to hide the fact the Vic is a man. Job of Sodom, My Story Before Abraham destroyed Sodom, he had to confirm that the people had deserted Judaism and he had to extract Job. He sent two men but things didnt go quite as planned. Witchfinder When a 17th century witch finder tries to trap a young gay herbalist, he meets his match. Bushfire! An English boy on an Australian farm helps fight a bushfire. He learns about being gay and about Australians. The Letter on the Pavement He found a love letter in the street, a letter from long ago. He finds it exerting a mysterious influence on him. Coppers Kid Stephen could see the past. When the police asked him to find who killed the gay son of a policeman they didnt expect the result they got. A Very Loving Boy Mick was middle-aged; Lee was young and seduced Mick.. Lee told stories but Mick didnt get the message until one night.... The Coming Out of Gerald When Gerald realised that he was gay he decided that he would tell everyone. To his disappointment, nobody seemed interested. Mayfly Boy He went to Sri Lanka in search of answers. Sex with a beautiful Sri Lankan boy results in an unexpected and terrifying insight. Lanner He was a tough teen. Lanner was a fossicker and a gunfighter. If he wanted to keep his reputation, he had to challenge Lanner. Log of a Sinking Man Finding a transcript of a tape found in an empty bedsit, Robert decide to commit kill himself elegantly but changes his mind. On The Dunes An anniversary holiday in Grand Canaria goes horribly wrong. Ill Go With You Tony is gay and hes dying. The doctor and the chaplain would like to help but they cant. Tony has one friend, an odd Indian boy. Swimming in the Dark Malta is full of secrets. He met a mysterious Maltese boy. A chat, a swim, sex and everything changed. Poems by Post I advertised criticism for gay poets. Bryan sent some poems. However, there was something behind the poems that escaped me. Tsuka Tsuka was a BDSM submissive rent boy and an embittered martial artist. OMalley was a homophobic Police Detective. They were destined to meet. The Hero The press loves to topple heroes. However, the press can be sued for libel unless the report is true and in the public interest. Performance Art Martin and Eustace were aficionados of male stripping. After several years together, their sex life was dull. It took a new stripper to inspire them. Guilty Mr. Parkerville had pleaded guilty to murder. To his annoyance, his Buddhist visitor was not interested in either his crime or his claim to be evil. The Kidnapping of Philly The gay son of a VIP had been kidnapped. The police wanted my help. My other half, Jack, sprang into action. Coma Joachim was my best friend. After a diving accident, he went into a coma. The doctor told me to wake him. Well, I woke him and he woke me. Party Time Jack was famous for his parties. Magnus was a gay social correspondent. It was dangerous to cross Jack but more dangerous to cross Magnus. Nullarbor The Nullarbor Plain is the Worlds largest limestone plateau. Getting lost there is like being lost at sea; ones chance of surviving is low. Unless one has help. Mick Carter-Frost has been a geologist, university lecturer and a gay activist. He was born in Indonesia of English parents, educated in England and Australia and worked in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and England where he now lives. Mike is a Buddhist with a keen interest in all religions, their philosophies and histories. He has published short stories, articles, and scientific reports. He is the author of a noir mystery novel based on a true incident, Stripes of a Tiger (an earlier edition was Boys of Club Tiger by Mick Carter).

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