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Boosey & Hawkes The 20th-century Easy Piano Col...
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Pièces sélectionnées par John YorkTable des matières : * Little Toccata fr Diversions (Fine) * A Walk on the Beach (Norton) * Autumn Dreams fr Poetic Fancies (Poldini) * Gay Story fr 6 Children´s Pieces (Shostakovich) * Infinity fr Sound Pictures (Diemer) * Kinderstuck (Webern) * Lake Lonely Rough-and-Tumble fr Piano Miscellany (Binkerd) * Life of a Shadow (Hogarth) * Little Legend (Goldschmidt) * Lumen Christi (MacMillan) * Menuet voor Marianne (Andriessen) * Pipe Tune, Bells fr Colla Sinistra (Rowley) * Regrets and rags (York) * Rigadoon (Barratt) * Silent & Soft & Slow Descends the Snow fr Fantasies for Piano Solo Bk2 (Benjamin) * Slumber Song fr Cameos for Young Pianists (Esipoff) * The Blue Cockatoo fr Chelsea Sketches (Besly) * The Juggle (Kenins) * The Little Men, Rain fr 7 Pictures for Piano (Rooper) * The Magic Cave fr Land O´Faery (Eden) * To an African Violet fr Suite a la mode (Wolford) * Valse pour les enfants (Stravinsky) * Visions Fugitives 17 (Prokofieff) * Waltz fr Miniature Pastorals 1st set (Bridge) * Whimsies, 2nd set, no 3 (Taylor)

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