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Frat Boy and Toppy: Theta Alpha Gamma, Book 1 ,...
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Brad is great at meeting other people´s expectations. But his own? Not so much. Take the gay thing. Okay, so yeah. It took a morning meeting with a frat brother´s hairy, naked ass for him to admit it, but he knows the truth about himself now. Let the gay life commence. Unfortunately, it´s not that easy. He hasn´t quite determined how to come out to anyone, even Sebastian, the geeky-hot TA in his history class. Sebastian is everything Brad is not. Intellectual, suave, hairy. Out. And he doesn´t seem interested in Brad, even when Brad makes a fool of himself trying to catch his notice. Score one for foolery: Sebastian does more than notice Brad; he takes him to bed. Brad´s been with plenty of girls, but with Sebastian, the sex is something else entirely - hot, mind-blowing, affirming, and a little domineering in a way that drives him wild. But when great sex turns into something more - dare he admit the "L" word? - Brad must face the crushing realization that Sebastian doesn´t feel the same. Unless, of course, he does. After all, even grad students can be idiots about matters of the heart. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Nick J. Russo. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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