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The Omega´s Babies: 3-Pack Vol 1 , Hörbuch, Dig...
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These audiobooks contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a juicy HEA that will warm your hearts! Stories included: The Alpha Lion´s Lover The Wolf´s Baby Lambs Passion of the Werewolf The Alpha Lion´s Lover ´´You´re just a mouse! How do you expect to protect your cheese let alone the king?´´ Jason just wanted to protect the king. But being a small were-mouse isn’t easy. Not only did he get no respect from anyone in the kingdom, but he was always having to dodge out of everyone’s way. But Jason knew something; something the others didn’t. He alone knew the king needed protection. And he alone would be there for him when he was betrayed. But can a small were-mouse save the life of the king - a large were-lion? Will he be in time? Or will he be forced to watch the kingdom crumble to the greed and hate of a traitor that only he knows about? The Wolf´s Baby Lambs Is it so wrong for a were-sheep to love a werewolf? Roy and Lobo were in love. Roy snuck out of the farm every night to see his alpha, Lobo, the light of his life. But his herd-mates would never understand his love for Lobo. All it would take was being caught one time. No, he couldn’t risk it. Especially not with the babies.... Breaking up with Lobo was the hardest thing he ever had to do. But was it the right decision? Finding someone to fill the void in his heart proved to be an insurmountable task. Roy resigned himself to raising the pups alone. Until the fire changed everything. Passion of the Werewolf Mitch: I’m an omega. I’ve always loved being an omega. I’ve always desired babies, as all good omegas do. Working the late shift as a weatherman, I had just finished my night and was cautioned against walking home alone. Omegas were being taken right off the street at an alarming rate. Throwing caution to the wind, as I didn 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kelly Morgan. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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